There's a revolution happening in your bathroom.

In recent years there has been a revolution in skincare for men. No longer are we satisfied with pinching our partner’s moisturiser once in a blue moon. We also have started to demand more from the products that are aimed at men. For a long time it was good enough to use very cheap products that we would throw into the supermarket trolley with the rest of the weeks food shopping, but men have finally joined the party, late, but better late than never.


We have seen a steady increase in brands that have been developed especially for men’s skin. Not diluted versions of a woman’s range, but products that address specific issues that men can have with their skin. We aren’t talking about grooming here, we are talking about products that are designed to protect, nourish, heal and maintain healthy skin. On top of that, men are becoming increasingly interested in anti aging products. This might be because we are all living a little longer, and want to look and feel good about ourselves well into our fifties, sixties and seventies. This growth in interest could also be attributed to the fact that our partners have been looking after their skin for years, with most women starting a skincare routine in their late teens. The simple fact is that more and more men just don’t want to get left behind, and they are prepared to do something about it.


The holy grail of men’s skincare is to offer a range of products that is very easy to use, has few steps, but delivers maximum results in a short period of time. Men are far more fickle when it comes to brand loyalty; they will try new products but will only stick to them if they are easy to use and deliver good results. At Monroe we have developed our range with the same high performance ingredients that can be found in leading Women’s brands, but we have formulated them for men’s skin. We have engineered our products to work as hard as possible, with each step delivering at least two essential element of a healthy skincare routine.


Our daily routine uses just three products but delivers a seven-step skin health and maintenance programme, which can easily fit into anyone’s busy schedule.


Step one is very familiar to most men, shaving. Monroe have been able to engineer a very effective cleanser into their shaving solution, so while you shave or trim, your skin will be getting a deep clean, at the same time.


Step two is something most men struggle with, exfoliation. Monroe suggests that you use their Exfoliator and pore minimiser in two ways. You can apply daily and leave on while brushing teeth or hopping in the shower, or use twice a week and leave on for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is going to remove dead cells and promote the growth of new skin. This is called cell turnover and by speeding this up it will leave the skin brighter, fresher, help with pigmentation and fine lines all in one. It will also help to reduce the size of pores, minimising the amount of dirt and debris in the skin, that can cause spots and breakouts.


Step three is hydrating, calming and protecting. Packed with the active ingredients and anti oxidants, Monroe’s Moisturiser and Shave Balm SPF20 is an all in one products that will calm any shaving irritation or redness, hydrate the skin with its intelligent hyaluronic acid, and protect with anti oxidants, vitamins and that all important SPF20.


Who knows, once our partners see how good our skin looks, they might start pinching our products!

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