Mr Monroe meets Bolt London

This month we met up with Andrew Almond, founder and curator of Bolt London. Tucked away in Stoke Newington, Bolt is a shop and garage that has become a key player within the motorcycle scene. Full of quality apparel and limited edition pieces, we struggled to leave the space without buying everything in sight. Andrew has created a hub, a hub that oozes rich heritage, and culture. 

"A premium brand motivated by motorcycles and the counter-culture around them."


On the site, is a garage where Andrew and his team build custom motorcycles and offer servicing & repairs specialising in classic and customs. The space in which Bolt now inhabits, was once a stables then became home to Duguid Bros, famous for building Tritons and motorcycle fairings. It feels only to special to find that Bolt has brought the room back to its roots, especially for someone as authentic and passionate as is Andrew.



"Its great to have this lineage and history and to bring the space back to a motorcycle space which it suits so well.  They left in the seventies and since it had been home to a Antiques shop prior to my taking it over.  Its not easy to find a space for a motorcycle shop"


Bolt creates very high quality, low runs of classic clothing basics. T-shirts, sweat shirts, leather jackets and knitwear all made in the UK by craftsmen and women. These garments are designed to wear, and as they do so they will take on an individuality that will map their journey through life. Andrew takes the same approach when he is building a bike for himself or a lucky customer. His own machine has a hand built frame that has been tailored to his shape and riding style, while the engine has been stripped and re engineered to deliver more power and greater reliability. All of his clothing is made with the same simple ethics. They need to look good, wear well, they need to do the job they were designed for and have an authenticity about them, which comes from the passion Andrew has created them with.


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