It's time to get Skin Fit!



    We know all about body fitness by now, don’t we? Most guys will take better care of themselves than their Dad’s do, or should I say, did. We watch what we eat, we watch what we drink, some guys will have already given up smoking and some will be seriously considering it. Lots of us will have gym memberships, whether we actually use them or not. We are all basically much healthier and more body conscious than the generations before us. This is a good thing. We should all live a little longer and be a little fitter in our old age, which is actually when being fit makes much more sense. I personally don’t relish living well into my nineties, if I’m stuck in a chair staring out of a window. Not sure that I really want to be wing walking or bungee jumping either, but somewhere in the middle would be good.



    As part of the move for men to start thinking seriously about how they might look, as they get older, the male grooming and skincare market has boomed over the past few years. Celebs like David Beckham and Dermot O’Leary both front skincare brands for men, and not just men, men like us, the average man in the street, we are all at it. There are ranges for all tastes, from the super cheap supermarket own brands aimed at youngsters just testing the water, to the high-end designer and clinically backed brands with sky-high prices.

     Some guys are happy to just steal their wives or girlfriend’s kit and dab a bit of moisturiser around once in a while, and that’s great, better than nothing.

    Women start thinking about looking after their skin in their late teens, but it wont cross most men’s minds until their mid thirties or even forties, and we can get away with it for a few years, as we have all that testosterone surging through us until our late twenties. Men’s skin is thicker, oilier and has more hair follicles, but it will start to loose its structure over time. Collagen production reduces and as it does so, fine lines and wrinkles will start to creep across your face. Sun damage is one of the main causes of premature ageing, although oxidative stress will also have a huge effect on the skins appearance.  

    Now what is the point of spending all that time in the gym, drinking water, loosing weight and cutting out the fatty food, if your still going to end up with face resembling a walnut?

   I know it’s a big ask to get men dedicated to a regular skin care routine and even though most men will try, only a small number will actually stick to it. So lets make this really simple. Clean your face, shave with the right shaving products and moisturise. Simple.

    Our Cleanse and Shave is two of these steps in one. Just wet your face with warm water, never hot, two pumps of the solution rubbed all over the face and neck, trim beards, or stubble, then just rinse it all off. Pat your face dry. It takes seconds.



    Step two, one pump of Moisturiser and shave balm SPF20. Don’t use too much moisturiser, one pump is enough. Don’t forget your neck, ears and forehead. You’ve just done five skincare steps in the time it takes to wash your face, and you have fed your skin with everything it needs to keep it SKIN FIT.






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