How to look good the morning after

If you are anything like me, as the Christmas festivities start to gain speed, like a giant snowball of late nights, over eating, over drinking and generally staying out on a school night, your skin can take a real hammering. Add to that the effects of colder weather, wind and rain and the reduced sunlight, that usually bathes us in its Vitamin D glow, no wonder that by February we all look like extras from Shaun of the Dead. Perhaps the hardest part of winter, for me is getting out of my warm bed on a cold frosty morning. I stay wrapped up in my duvet like one of the sausage rolls in Greggs display cabinet, for as long as possible, before the inevitable bolt to the bathroom, which leads to the frantic journey to the station, in order to catch the 07.20, and if I’m lucky, I bag my regular seat, where I can snooze my way into London.

Unfortunately something has to give. Let’s be honest, you cant cut back on showers, or brushing your teeth, you don’t want to start the New Year with fewer friends, and a expanded waist line after all. So most guys end up reducing their regular skincare routine. This is the opposite of what our skin needs during the Christmas period. If anything we actually need more help to keep looking our best.

Well, consider this to be an early Christmas present. I have a little secret for you that will save you time and keep you looking prime throughout the season of good will. Monroe have developed a Night Recovery Serum. Its fantastic, so easy to use, any man can fit it in to his busy schedule. All you need to do is wash your face, and before you slide into your cosy bed, apply the serum to your face and neck, and just go to sleep. The best thing about it is, that while you lay there recovering from the excesses of your seasonal lifestyle, your skin is fed with all the goodies it needs to heal and regenerate. It feels light and smells great, thanks to all the amazing anti oxidant oils and vitamins that make it so effective. 

If you only have time to use one product this winter, make it Monroe’s Night Recovery Serum. Your mates are going to wonder how you look so good when they feel so rough the morning after the Christmas party.


Mr Monroe

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