Four Grooming Trends For 2018 & The Products To Match


Men’s grooming is a multi-billion pound industry full of products that we can all say adorn the sinks and shower sides of our bathrooms at home or travel with us in our toilet bag when heading abroad. Of course it can be difficult to know what is bang on trend in the grooming world especially with many gents leading a very hectic lifestyle with little time to dedicate to looking. Fear not however as here at Monroe of London we have shortlisted four key grooming product for you to try straight from our very own luxurious, British made range. These will not only take your look and style to new heights, but keep you bang up to date with what’s going on in the men’s grooming world.



Embracing the Grey

    I will place myself firmly in this category along with I’m certain, 90% of gents out there who have spotted a grey hair or two coming through on their head. Whilst some of us may be at varying stages of going grey, 2018 is certainly the year to forget the hair dye, embrace that silver fox look and wear it to the max.

For keeping those grey, shiny locks looking sharp, we recommend our Matte Clay coming in at £15.00 for 60ml. This non-greasy clay incorporates honey to retain moisture, along with Sea Salt to create volume and Beeswax to naturally stimulate the hair for that effortlessly cool Mr. Monroe look.



The Moustache

    Hirsute males will be rejoicing, not because of the return of the long beard trend, but of the mighty moustache resurgence. A trimmed, neat ‘tache will likely be adorning the face of many a men throughout 2018 and perhaps beyond. Ideal for adding balance to ones face and softening strong jawlines, complimented by cleanly shaven cheeks and chin.

To make sure your moustache stays in best condition, our very own Beard Oil will do the trick. This £20.00 bottle contains such delights as Coconut oil, packed full of goodness for your hair and skin, along with Rosemary oil to stimulate the hair follicles so they grow much stronger. Time to sit back and watch that moustache flourish.



Razor Subscriptions

    The days of spending a fortune on branded shaving razors and blades are over. Furthermore, forgetting to buy new said razor blades and deciding to shave your face with something as blunt as a teaspoon should certainly be a thing of the past too. Enter the Razor subscription boxes. For a very small sum, brands across the U.K provide a high quality razors straight to your door with regular, fresh blades coming along as regular as you choose.

Of course when shaving you want to use a tiptop product. Our choice, the Monroe London Cleanse & Shaving Solution. This dual-purpose product priced at £30.00 for 100ml is ideal for accompanying your new razor delivery, with Bergamot to heal and calm the skin along with Peppermint to help prevent breakout amongst many other fresh, natural ingredients.



Higher Quality Ingredients

    Putting various products on your skin and hair roughly two times a day, everyday, you really want those products to be of superior quality. Gradually over the years men have been searching far and wide for better, higher quality products to integrate into their grooming regime. What’s likely is this trend will only grow even further in 2018 as men continue to learn more and more about these ingredients and how they can make a difference to their hair and skin. Furthermore it also has a positive impact on your day, making you feel good about yourself by looking sharp.

An item that we would recommend trying; jam-packed full of high quality ingredients, is our Monroe of London Hair & Body Wash. Priced at £25.00 for a generous 500ml bottle, it contains Bamboo with high silica levels, perfect for strengthening your nails and hair along with acting as powerful anti-ageing component. Additional ingredients of Sea Weed and Pro-vitamin B5 that is essential for hair growth and health make this the ideal, natural choice for your shower regime.







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