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  • Three Destinations & Hotels To Visit in 2018

    They say travel broadens the mind and its great to try new places. I’am sure however, many of us are guilty of playing it safe and going to the same destinations multiple times year in year out because its what we know, perhaps it is a hotel or a particular area we are familiar with that draw... View Post
  • 4 Grooming Tips for Spring

    Now that we’ve just about said goodbye to the Beast from the East, it’s time we say hello to Sunshine and Spring.  With  change in seasons comes the need for change in routine. Just think about it, with the warmer air and more sunshine it’s a good opportunity to phase out the rather heavy duty cr... View Post
  • At last... a routine you can stick to

    It used to be that us “guys” thought it was good enough to just splash some water over our faces, or just wash with the “all in one” shower gel we clean the rest of our bodies with when we’re in the shower. Now that might be great for you if you have the sort of skin that can be found on the rear... View Post
  • It's time to get SKIN FIT!

    We know all about body fitness by now, don’t we? Most guys will take better care of themselves than their Dad’s do, or should I say, did. We watch what we eat, we watch what we drink, some guys will have already given up smoking and some will be seriously considering it. Lots of us will have gym ... View Post

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