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  • How to look good the morning after

    If you are anything like me, as the Christmas festivities start to gain speed, like a giant snowball of late nights, over eating, over drinking and generally staying out on a school night, your skin can take a real hammering. Add to that the effects of colder weather, wind and rain and the reduce... View Post
  • Is your personal trainer any good?

    Personal trainers and strength coaches cost a lot of money per hour. They have to charge this because courses are not cheap, and neither is equipment or ground rent at the gym. Don’t forget no holiday/sickness pay or bonuses. However, you need to get your monies worth. They use their phone to ben... View Post
  • Small changes to a healthier, fitter you.

    Massive changes are hard to do and aren’t that much fun is most instances. Whether it’s cutting out that 3 bar a day chocolate habit, deciding to run a 10k on the back of 12 years of sitting behind a desk training, or getting back into your jeans from 10 years ago. Big changes mean drastic altera... View Post
  • Mr Monroe's Guide to Grooming

     Looking good is easy, and it shouldn't mean spending tons of money on numerous products and gadgets to keep you looking fresh. The key is in your daily routine, keeping it quick and simple and above all maintainable allows  you to always look your best. At Monroe we have developed products speci... View Post

The Clubhouse

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