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  • My car history started with a Miura…….

    My love affair with cars began at a very young age. Like most small boys, my favourite toy was always the car. My most prized possession was a red Lamborghini Miura, that underwent a colour change at some point, to black. I loved the shape and the way the bonnet and boot lid tipped up in the oppo... View Post
  • Kylie saved my skin

    It was a day like most others. I was working in London as a photographic assistant to one of this country’s true greats, Mr Mike Owen. He had taken me under his wing and was teaching me how to look at life through the eye of a photographer. It was an exciting time for a wet behind the ears Essex ... View Post
  • Mr Monroe meets Jones & Payne

    It was a cold day in January, we hopped in our uber from Harley Street, Marylebone and headed to Shoreditch, Curtain Road to find salon Jones & Payne. We were greeted by Ricky. Ricky Jones co founded Jones & Payne, a multi award winning salon which has become one of the most relevant and... View Post
  • Stop breaking but start making habits in 2018

    Some habits are harder to break than others. I recently gave up my beloved coffee for a month. I have no idea why, just seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t. Now, I’m not in the premier league of coffee drinking, maybe one or two cups a day, but I really need that little hit first thing... View Post

The Clubhouse

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