A guide to Hair Care

It’s confusing isn’t it? There are so many products out there to tame your crowning glory, and I’m sure, like me, you have tried most of them. My own personal hair journey started in the early eighties, with a highly fashionable and very ill advised relationship with wet look hair gel. You know the sort of thing, usually florescent green or blue and with the same unmistakable fragrance as toilet cleaner. Just opening a pot of this slime now brings back that whole decade in an instant, From my Raleigh Burner to Pepsi and Shirley, not to mention the fit one from the Human League, happy days.

Towards the mid eighties I became far more adventurous with my hair adventures. I think it was the stylish and luscious locks of a certain Mr Nick Kershaw that convinced me that highlights were definitely the way forward. I saved and saved for what seemed like an eternity till the fateful day came when I finally had the funds to inflict the most ridiculous hairstyle I have ever had. School seemed to drag on and on that day and the clock just wouldn’t move fast enough around to the time of my appointment. Far from being the laughing stock that such behaviour would provoke these days, I was something of a local hero amongst the spotty adolescents who all stood in silence outside the window, slightly slack jawed, as the highlighting cap was lowered onto my head. My concentration was only punctuated by the occasional tap on the window and a supportive thumbs up, to check that all was going well in the salon. As the cap was removed and my transformation was completed with a blow dry, and compulsory mirror view of the back, I had well and truly arrived at the sharp end of Essex fashion. Worth every penny.

Its fair to say that I have never reached those dizzy heights of hair fashion since then. To be honest the nineties were much less fun, and the naughties were all about mouse, and going very slightly grey. My search for a hair product that did what I wanted it to do has been a long one, and many products have arrived in my bathroom, only to leave me disappointed.

So at Monroe we decided to make the best hair product that we could, for all you guys out there who want a grown up Matte Hair Clay that not only holds your hair in a natural way, but will also feed your scalp and hair follicles. It is made from Bee’s wax and honey, which will keep your hair soft, and supple, it retains moisture to prevent a dry scalp and brittle hair. Honey has also been used for centuries for its healing properties. Bee’s wax is a natural conditioner. We added mandarin, lemon and lavender oils which smell amazing and are great for anyone with a sensitive scalp. Sea salt helps to create volume in the hair, which is great if you don’t have quite as much up top as you used to have, it also absorbs excess oils in the hair, making it easier to manage and restyle throughout the day. Finally we gave it our signature fragrance, so that it sits comfortably with the rest of the Monroe range, and you aren’t surrounded with lots of different smells that can clash.

I have probably tried them all, and our Matte Hair Clay is born out of years of trial and in some cases huge errors, try it for your self, we hope you will agree.

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